Ravali Reddy – IT Testimonial

Ever since a young age, I’ve always found an interest in maths and science based subjects. Despite there being times when I felt like wanting to pull my hair out of frustration, there was that great feeling of pride and accomplishment at the end of it all when I’d solve an equation or when I’d conduct an experiment.

However, during my GCSEs, I also developed an interest for Business and this further developed during my A-levels when I participated in the “Young Enterprise Challenge”. From this, I picked A-levels based on my interests at the time: Business Studies, Chemistry, Maths and ICT. When looking into university courses, I was keen on further exploring options that would tie in my interest in both Business and Computer Science which naturally then led me to completing a degree in Business Computing. I was eager to start my career in an industry where I could help others and I knew that technology played a vital part in this.

Technology itself intrigued me and I was keen to learn more about the various ways that businesses use technology to provide to their consumers e.g. by using some of the current “buzzwords”; Big Data, Machine Learning and Blockchain, to name a few.

Unlike some of the other sectors, I knew that the opportunities in the IT sector would be limitless and the career prospects were strong therefore it was obvious to me that it was a promising place to begin my career.

By Ravali Reddy

Twitter: @ravalii_
LinkedIn: Ravali Reddy

Website: bit.ly/ravalireddy


Sidra Khan – IT Testimonial

Deciding to go into IT was quite a journey for me – I found that whilst I was growing up, there were so many paths I could take but never figured out what was appealing to me.

When I was young, I had a huge interest in computers and at one point thought I had all the ingredients to become a master hacker, I was just so interested in the logic behind systems – which was something that no one really educated me about back then.

It wasn’t until I reached my GCSEs where I accidentally picked IT as one of my subjects that my interest was re-ignited. I always had it in my head that IT was ‘just for boys’ but that was quickly shaken off by my female IT teacher who encouraged me to take it a step further.

It was my favourite subject and I loved the fact that IT wasn’t just about being technical. It has so many different elements like design and analysis alongside abit of coding. After alot of research I decided to go into university to study IT, and soon realised how under represented females are in the field!

I made it my goal to make it into an IT related job, to bring a sense of diversity and try to be a role model for those who think IT is ‘just for boys’.

By Sidra Khan


Yoko Nishida – IT Testimonial

There were three ‘P’ reasons why I wanted to go into IT.

1) Pragmatical -Technology is always developed for resolving some problem or searching the opportunities. As a STEM female, it’s quite fun to tackle the challenges with practical approach, isn’t it?

2) Potential – IT is always growing and it’s never ending journey to find something new or learn something old deeper. It meets my purpose to do something new for people.

3) People – There always exists people behind IT. I love people and love to help people. I believe IT is a partner of people to make our life easier.

Those are why I really like to be a part of IT.

By Yoko Nishida, GSK

LinkedIn: Yoko Nishida


Titilayo Belo – IT Testimonial

The reason why I went into IT is because I had a genuine passion for Technology from a young age. Although, I did consider different career paths my love and curiosity concerning the rapid development of technology continued to grow. Therefore, I chose to study computer science at university.

My course continued to deepen my interest because it became evident that technology has no limits as you can create whatever you desire. The only thing that could limit you is your lack of skills which can easily be improved with a bit of practice.

I went into IT because it doesn’t put you in a box. It encourages you to think outside the box to get the best results.


By Titilayo Belo


Sarah Lewis – IT Testimonial

I am one of the many people who just fell into IT to be honest.  In fact, I am currently running a Women in Tech Survey and initial results are showing nearly half of the women interviews (who work in IT), just fell into their IT jobs!

Anyway, my story is that I was looking for a new challenge and change of environment.  The employment agency recommended an admin job in an IT department for a software company.  I have to say, I was not excited at the prospect as I imagined it to be a very “male” environment and that it would probably not be for me, I really didn’t want to work in an “IT Crowd” type of environment!

However, I went along for the interview and when I arrived I was very surprised to see one of the interviewers was a lady.  Almost immediately I felt more at ease knowing that, if I was to get the job, I would not be the only female in the department.  There is a lot to be said for having women on the interview panel and it was a smart move by the hiring IT Manager nearly 18 years ago!

Anyway, I really enjoyed the interview, liked the idea of this interesting new challenge and he rest is history as they say!

By Sarah Lewis, Founder of The Techie Girls

Twitter: @LDSarahLewis, @TheTechieGirls