Thinking about the… UCU Strike

Thinking about the… UCU Strike

BBC News has just notified me that the university strikers have rejected the agreement proposed by the university leaders and employers to end the pensions dispute.

I can fully understand and support the reasoning behind turning down the temporary deal, but for all students in over 60 universities this is causing a huge amount of stress simply because we don’t know what will be run or rescheduled, knowing it will most likely have a negative effect on our exam results. For final year students like myself, it is even harder to find support for the strike when our results that we’ve worked 3+ years for may be delayed, which will also be delaying us informing our future employers of whether we’ve met their criteria to join graduate schemes. I hope an agreement can be made which will not only be sufficient for the many university lecturer’s, but also be what is right for the students that invest £9250 a year.

All teachers (not just university lecturers) have a raw deal when it comes to pensions and support from the government, it is not the respected career it once was which it should be, in STEM subjects particularly there is more benefits and money in industry than to teach future generations. But, we should applaud the academics and teachers of all levels because without them, we wouldn’t be able to advance in any subject, industry or personally. Like myself, there must be at least one teacher/academic who stands out as an inspiration for you, and they deserve what is right… whatever that may be. They have looked after individuals professionally and personally, whether the student has paid or not, in return they should be looked after by the state once they retire.

What are your thoughts?


What’s On My Desk?

Thanks to some great personalised ads on Instagram, a website was shown to me called Career Girls Daily and since stumbling across this a few days ago I’ve already ordered their “Getting Things Done” planner and been regularly reading posts on their website. I came across this post by Josefin Dahlberg, called What’s On My Desk? and thought that would be a great thing for me to share with you about what’s on my desk…


Sometimes I love to work on my bed under my duvet, especially if I’m at home working with my cats (who sometimes like to lay on my laptop in a very unhelpful manner).

But when I’m at university and have a lot of work to do, I’m always at my desk where I have a second screen so I can have multiple pages open… or watch TV on 1 screen whilst I work on the other. In true British fashion, I always have a cup of tea present in one of my many humorous mugs, as well as, a bottle of water. I have post-it notes everywhere of little reminders or thoughts that I’ve had and therefore, I have an emoji poop mug with colourful pens in so I am every ready.  A desk lamp and fairy lights to create a cosy ambiance on those late working nights. But most importantly, I have pictures of my family and friends on the pin board on the wall behind my desk, so when I am struggling to find motivation I can always look at them for support.

Creating a good environment for how you work is really important 🙂

2018… the year of a new life chapter

2018… the year of a new life chapter

It is crazy to think how quick time is going and how long I have left at university. I’m excited to be moving on, yet like most millennials I think it is daunting as we’ve tried to put off adulthood for as long as possible!

It is 56 days until my dissertation is due, 119 days until my last exam, and 172 days until graduation… I wouldn’t say I’m excited to be leaving university but I am eager to be moving on. Recently I have started to reflect upon my time at university, it has been filled with great and not-so-great times, yet I’ve learnt a lot about who I am professionally and personally. Living on my own gave me independence, which is why it is weird to think shortly I will be moving home for a couple of years (although the free food will be good!)

I have these 3 boxes which I bought before I went to university, aptly each box is like the keyboard letters “Alt”, “Ctrl” and “Delete”, each filled with items from each year of university. Looking back through them reminds me of so many memories, from the 5K Colourdash t-shirt from Year 1 to countless nightclub wristbands and glowsticks.

My piece of advice to anybody about to go off to university would be very cliche, Be Yourself! University is most likely to be the one place where you can mix with many people who are like you, whilst at the same time be mixing with a lot of people not like you. I’ve met people that I’m unlikely to stay in touch with and others that are life long friends. A lot of movies and TV shows build this idea up of university to be this amazing place where you will meet your lifelong best friends and have the greatest time of your life, and not to be a buzzkill, but that isn’t often the case and it is also the place you are paying £9K a year to further your education and career aspirations. Balance is key, go on nights out and have a great time, but also turn up to your lectures and don’t leave assignments too late 🙂



2018 Goals!

Happy New Year!

At the beginning of each year, I find it good to set myself personal and professional goals which I can tick off as the months roll past. I wanted to share them with you:

  1. Achieve a First with Honours BSc
  2. Start successfully at Whitbread
  3. Learn more programming in spare time (use raspberry pi more)
  4. Travel different and new places 
  5. Spend more time with my family

Life Update

I am in the very fortunate position to announce that as of Friday I have a graduate role. I attended an assessment centre (tips for these shall be featured soon) at Whitbread, which is the parent company for Costa, Premier Inn, Beefeater & others.

It was an intense day consisting of a group task, networking lunch, case study and 2-1 interview. I wasn’t sure what to expect as although this is a FTSE100 company I hadn’t heard of the parent company name, but it was a good day and I met such lovely people and it was such a great atmosphere… ticked all the boxes!

So the next morning I get a phone call from Whitbread with positive feedback and an opportunity to go in again that day to speak with an IT Architect because they think I’d be capable of being placed in this area instead of the streams they currently were offering, which sounded great. So I got my business gear out once again, drove to Whitbread and met with the IT Architect who was very welcoming and engaging and he told me about the role and responsibilities. It sounded like what I’d always wanted to do but never knew the name of it. After our meeting I got a call straight back to say that they’d love me on board and I was astounded… it all feels very surreal still but I’m pleased to say that in September 2018 I will be starting as a grad IT Architect at Whitbread!

Now to crack on with my dissertation 💪


2 Down, 1 To Go…

Today I have submitted 2 out of 3 pieces of coursework, and tomorrow I will submit my last ever piece of coursework which is a really strange feeling!


I think my placement year helped me to time manager having to complete these 3 coursework pieces whilst also researching for my dissertation, I used Microsoft Outlook to manage my time this term and schedule when to do things both in and outside of uni, which I found really useful as it connects to the app on my phone, allowing me to keep track of what I need to be doing… take a look:


I am going to upload shortly my Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Coursework as it was on a really fascinating research paper on autonomous vehicles so keep a look out for that!